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High Page Rank Websites That Allow Free Article Submission And Do Follow On Your Link
Backlinks are very important to increase site traffic and page rank, if you want to come on visitors search engines you must make backlinks, without link building you don’t generate traffic. Today, I have shared important Article Submission Sites for building backlinks as well.

Top High PR Free Article Submission Sites
Below I have shared Article Submission Sites with Page Rank, simply you can open one by one then submit an article and include your site your post link. Make sure the article you want to submit is unique and free from copyright issues.

Website url and their Page Rank
examiner.com 8
technorati.com 7
thefreelibrary.com 7
newsvine.com 7
macrumors.com 7
slashdot.org 7
hubpages.com 6
ehow.com 6
seekingalpha.com 6
prleap.com 6
thewhir.com 6
webpronews.com 6
seekingalpha.com 6
buzzle.com 5
new-list.com 5
powerhomebiz.com 5
constant-content.com 5
brighthub.com 5
articlecity.com 5
triond.com 5
isnare.com 5
articlesbase.com 5
emailuniverse.com 5
isnare.com 5
threadwatch.org 5
web-source.net 5
threadwatch.org 5
allthewebsites.org 5
ezinearticles.com 4
articlesxpert.com 4
articlesfactory.com 4
webproworld.com 4
work911.com 4
evancarmichael.com 4
articlesnatch.com 4
articlecube.com 4
goodposts.com 4
articlealley.com 4
a1articles.com 4
searchwarp.com 4
bignews.biz 4
textbroker.com 4
infobarrel.com 4
bukisa.com 4
biggerpockets.com 4
searchwarp.com 4
my.ezinearticles.com 4
qarchive.org 4
webknowhow.net 4
amazines.com 4
freewebsitedirectory.com 4
knoji.com 4
articleslash.net 4
articlegeek.com 4
alumbo.com 4
simplysearch4it.com 4
selfgrowth.com 3
patantconsult.com 3
uberarticles.com 3
bharatbhasha.com 3
articlerich.com 3
articletrader.com 3
sooperarticles.com 3
articlesphere.com 3
expertarticles.com 3
articles.org 3
artipot.com 3
pubarticles.com 3
streetarticles.com 3
expertscolumn.com 3
abcarticledirectory.com 3
afroarticles.com 3
articlebliss.com 3
articledashboard.com 2
articlecontentking.com 2
digitaleveuk.org 2
articlewheel.com 2
1articleworld.com 2
articlenorth.com 2
addondashboard.com 1
articles411.com 1
presszoom.com 1
articlebiz.com 1
snipsly.com 1
apsense.com 1
articlepress.org 1

You might be wondering if its compulsory to submit an article to the above sites, well, the answer is NO!

Submiting articles to the above sites is one of the task faced by Blogger, geting backlink from high page rank website is really useful, it will improve your appearance on Search Engine.

Blogging is not an easy job, schedule your time ans submit your UNIQUE ARTICLES to one or two or three or five or ten among the above sites.

I hope your website quickly improve on search engines and made quality backlinks with High Page Rank Sites, The above sites are working and you will submit an article free of cost, but Article must be unique doesn’t copyright or plarigism. Furthermore, You can read their site terms and condition, then submit an article.
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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  • Ahkohd
Gone are those days article submission works as an important seo strategy, right now its totally dead and doesn't work any longer.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
(12-08-2016, 07:48 AM)Dealwap Wrote:
Gone are those days article submission works as an important seo strategy, right now its totally dead and doesn't work any longer.

Seems you have stop using the strategy? Thats why you could say it with full assurance.
What does not work for you while you use it might work for someone else.

And moreover, the reason i think make the strategy not to work is due to less unique article submitted.
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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