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Nigeria: Bingham University Graduate Invents Elections App
A young graduate, Shamah Abubakar has invented e-Franchise, an elections application. According to
The Guardian the app was developed by an alumnus of the Bingham University in Karu local Government area.

According to the report the app was used during the university’s alumi elections which were held in March. The app was used to monitor votes around various locations and according to users, the e-Franchise app contributed in no small way to the elections process being a success.

The Guardian reports that president of the university’s alumni association, Haruna Yusuf, revealed that during the March elections, every member of the alumni was afforded a free and fair chance to vote electronically. Yusuf commended the app for reaching those in diaspora. He said, “For us, we have active members in the diaspora who have voting rights. So this app helped us not to infringe on their rights”.

Yesuf also stated that the advantages of using an elections app like e-Franchise include the reduction of foul play during elections and the early release of results.

Source: Here
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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Wow. That's what am talking about .
Nothing Is Impossible
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But the app can still be manipulated though.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
If it is supported with meaninful contribution from other top programmers and security analyst, manipulating the app will have low probability
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